Monday, December 28, 2009

Rewind to...Christmas Eve

Some got snow for Christmas, but not us, we got a flood! This will be remembered as the Christmas we had to get creative about our routes to where we needed to be. We spend Christmas Eve with Kevin's family and that morning both the interstate and the highway leaving our house were closed due to flooding. Kevin had gone to the post office and he could get there but then it took him over an hour to get home!! The post office is 10 minutes away. So, we (or rather Kevin) had to get out the map and figure out how to get to his sister's house AROUND all the flooding. We made it...later than we had originally planned...but we made it. So far, it has just worked out where we have spent Christmas Eve with Kevin's side of the family and Christmas afternoon with my side of the family. Even better, the past two years we have met at Kevin's sister's which is 35 minutes away rather than the 3 hour drive to his parents place. I can't believe I used to make that drive on a regular basis to see Kevin!!! ha!

We had dinner and opened presents before the nephews had a full out fit! LOL! Teenagers are the same as 10 year old's when it comes to presents!! :-)

Kevin was surprised and thrilled with his new chef coat! Way to go sis!

Cash - our mascot for the evening!
Rhonda also got all of us girls a matching apron - all of Kevin's helpers now match!
All in all, a great Christmas Eve of family, fellowship, safe travels and some very desserts! :-)

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