Monday, December 14, 2009

Things to smile about

We had a lot to smile about this weekend. First we started Friday with Kevin being the grand prize winner in a trivia contest and winning .... drumroll ... FOUR 50 yard line tickets to the Liberty Bowl. Plus, a bunch of other stuff like tickets to a basketball game, shirts, hats, food passes to the buffet before the game, parking passes....he was one happy boy!! And, he had friends coming out of the woodwork! ha!

Saturday, we went to look at Christmas lights (it was a little drizzly so I think we'll try again on a better night) and Sunday, the pups cousin, Lucky, came over for a playdate. Look at those sweet faces ready to go to Grandma's for Christmas together! heehee!
Rex was one happy boy. He LOVES his cousin, Lucky. He even taught Lucky how to box! I thought this pic was cute because it looks like Rex is literally smiling!!

Check back tomorrow for a cute video - blogger would NOT cooperate and upload it tonight. urgh!

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Anonymous said...

A happy man...three happy is good, huh?