Monday, December 21, 2009

Vacation is HERE!

Vacation finally arrived and we immediately started out in the car traveling...after work on Friday, we headed to Rector (a long drive with dogs in tow). Christmas with my Granny is always the weekend before Christmas and Kevin's parents live about 20 minutes away from her, so we made it one big family weekend. I admit that I wasn't looking forward to traveling with the pups (I mean, ladies, you know what I mean, that takes away from your vacation because it is more work!). The pups did good though after the first night of trying to figure out what to do without a doggie door....oh, and the fact that Rex completely bolted into the woods behind their house the first night. I was in my socks, so I had to run back inside for shoes and alert everyone that I had lost my dog. This was followed by a four person dog search with no flashlight at night in the COLD...but he came back....little turd spent the rest of the weekend on a leash!!
Kevin's momma had a yummy southern dinner ready for us Friday night and a fire going in the fireplace...heaven! I love a real fireplace!!! Then, Saturday, we went to my Granny's for a family day. Some of us played a domino game - Mexican train - lots of laughter and yelling! ha!
And, of course, we got the traditional family pics in is my Bubby with my beautiful niece.... My immediate fam - Bubby, Dad, Mom, Autumn, me & Kevin :-)
Sunday we booked it back here for church Sunday morning...a GREAT weekend! Love vacations and family!!!

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Becca B. said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I guess Rex and my Mandy could be buds! She is the queen of bolting off, she never gets to go anywhere without her harness and leash on!