Thursday, December 10, 2009

We need a nurse around here!

Seriously! Kevin had a scary accident yesterday. He was getting the meat off the smoker for a catering and the wind was blowing something fierce. Well, the wind caught the smoker door and blew it down and it hit him in the head. HARD! To give you an idea of how heavy this door is, I can't even lift it by myself. He said he dropped to one knee and threw up from the pain. He thought he was going to pass out but didn't. No knot but he definitely has a concussion. Luckily, his catering was at a medical place where a nurse could check him out. I admit to being scared and worried about him. He doesn't have health insurance (and before you all freak - we can't afford $600 a month to add him on mine and he can't get independent insurance so....), I talked to my school nurse and am keeping a close eye on him. He is finally able to rest and I made him come home from today's catering and go to sleep. If that would have hit him in the wrong spot, I don't even want to think about what could've happened...please pray that he doesn't have any trouble from this and just needs rest from a concussion.
And, I went to the doctor today and had 3 more "suspicious" moles removed. I don't even get nervous anymore I've had so many removed. But, I do need a nurse for the one on my back I can't reach cuz my nurse (and cook...hmmm...what's for dinner? ha!) is fast asleep!


Tasha said...

Chris and I don't have health insurance either..just the kids. Its scary everytime I get a cold or Chris is out working. You never know what could happen. Prayers for Kevin to get better soon!

Vader's Mom said...

Yikes. That's scary. I pray he's better today!