Monday, January 11, 2010

Benton ~ the foster pup

Meet Benton, our current foster pup for BoxAR rescue. He is maybe 3 months old. His owners have let him sit in a kill shelter for about 3 weeks and just didn't come get him. I'm glad though because he is skin and bones! His ribs and hip bones are sticking out...I couldn't really get a picture to show you how truly skinny he is...poor baby!
He instantly became a couch potato! That works for us! ha!
Rex is IN LOVE with him and won't leave him alone for a second!! The boxing has begun...meanwhile Stella is busy hiding all her toys! ha!
The picture below shows you how skinny he is. Makes me so mad!!The good news is that before we even got home and all situated, I had an email in my inbox from BoxAR that he has a furever home already! yay! He is going all the way to Virginia to live!! He leaves on the doggie transport on Friday, so we will only have a crazy household of three pups for a few days. Even better!! I think Rex will be sad though!!


Becca B. said...

What a cutie!
Glad he has a forever home, but it should be a fun few days untiil he leaves!

Tasha said...

Thats so sad.,..He is way to skinny! Glad he already has a good place to live forever!