Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have felt the need for awhile now to sort of "set the record straight" with this journey of ours. So many of you were with me since the beginning of my first blog when Kevin and I first started dating over 3 years ago and all the up's and down's of his alcoholism. Some of you just came in for the happy ending. Some just know he went to a ministry, we got married and all is well. Because of our journey with alcoholism and finding our way to God, we have been able to help others with the same struggles. The need for this post comes from some of the people who have contacted us for guidance, prayers, or just a person who can listen, from their perception that they want our fairy tale ending. I know I post a lot of happy posts, because most of the time, that is our life. But life is not a fairy tale. Every one's story is different and we are each unique in our journeys. No one is perfect. Trust me, while Kevin and I love each other unconditionally, we have our problems. We have stumbled in our walk with God. We have both made mistakes in the past 9 months. Some small and some big. The important thing in life is learning from your mistakes and what you choose to do once you know you have messed up. We can choose to wallow in it or we can get back up and praise the Lord for forgiveness and another chance. Make your journey what YOU want it to be through your choices.
Kevin and I have been through some serious valleys in life but have finally come to a place where we feel blessed to be able to help others. I don't think I am really saying what I want to say...I want to scream from the rooftops, don't want what someone else has...the key to happiness is to follow God and put Him first. Through Him, you will find a love and peace you have never known before. This love and peace will spread to all the parts of your life and others will want the joy they see in you. Tell them it's not comes straight from God.


Mrs. Barnhart's 3rd Grade Class said...

Well said! Praise the Lord for our forgiveness, and that He does love us through our imperfections!!

Tasha said...

When I am feeling so frusterated with Chris I think of you 2 and I know we can get through whatever it is we are going through..

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

beautifully said :)

Amy said...

Yes! Very well said my friend! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

If things were perfect all the time then you would never grow as a couple. Believe me, it's the valleys that make your love and commitment to each other stronger. Always easy? No way! Always worth it? Definitely! You two have something special.