Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'll always take a snow day!

Central Arkansas really doesn't get the snow that North Arkansas gets...we mainly got sleet on Friday. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. I will never complain about an unexpected day off work! :-) I was hoping for enough snow to play with the pups in though. Sometime Friday night, a little came through and Saturday morning we played a little. It was more of a dusting than anything here. We did discover Stella loves to eat ice! Ha!
(Disclaimer on photo below ~ it was a snow day, not a beauty day and yes, I am still in my PJ's!)
We didn't go anywhere Friday or Saturday. The little country road coming to our house was pretty icy and there is nowhere to go but a ditch on both sides, so we played it safe and hibernated. I finished a book I was reading, did laundry, took naps, scrapbooked, and graded some papers. Pretty productive for hibernation! ha! Kevin made ribs one night and chili...yum!
We finally got out this morning to go to church and the roads and bridges were still pretty icy. But by the time we left church, the ice was melting and they were clearing the ice off the overpass bridge. So, I am gearing up to go back to work tomorrow...although, I hear North Arkansas gets to stay home some more!! Some places got 9 inches to a foot!! I told Kevin next time they predict snow, we are going either to NW to stay with friends or NE to stay with his parents and then playing in the BIG snow with the pups! Any volunteers to put up with us and the dogs? Ha!
Got ice?


Vader's Mom said...

If I lived there you would be welcome to stay with us - If you want to head this way ever let us know. Our door is always open to you.

That last photo of Stella is a riot!

Queen E said...

If you want to come to West Virginia.. Come on over.. this time we only had 6 inches so nothing much to play in.. and I hope that is all we get until next year.. the Last BIG one did me in.. days with no power and a Girl goes nuts!