Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obedience has arrived!

Today was the first day of doggie obedience training for Rex & Stella...BIG DAY! Kevin & I loved it and luckily, there was a very untrained Saint Bernard that kept us from being embarassed by our two! ha! We are doing a regular obedience class rather than puppy obedience because the puppy obedience fell on the night we have couples Bible Study. So, they were the only pups, but they did a good job!! I was actually impressed. We worked on heel, sit, and stay....and we have homework to keep practicing. I will say that Kevin thought Stella was going to be a "rock star" because she is a lab. She was no rock star. She actually cried alot. But, I'm sure she'll be a rock star by the end!! :-) In Benton, foster pup, news: He is pitiful and not eating. I am worried about him because he is so skinny that he can't go long without eating. Kevin is working hard to try and fatten him up. Big kudos to Kevin today for taking such good care of Benton for me. I am a lucky girl!

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Tasha said...

I'm sure the puppies will be rockstarts by the end of training..

Poor Benton. I sure hope he gets fattened up...