Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obedience Part II

We are all home from obedience school and all four of us are TIRED! I think Stella did better this week, and Rex did a little worse than last week. It's a process! Rex, for whatever reason, gets bored when he has to sit for too long and just lays down. Tonight he got a little stubborn in his "sitting". Stella didn't cry as much but flat out refused to do the "down" command. But they are still not the worst dog in the crowd!! Thank goodness for the Saint Bernard! ha!
We are on week 2 and now know and have to practice these commands: heel, sit, stay, down, come, and wait. WOW! They must "wait" to go through doorways or gates until given the command to proceed. If our dogs pass, they are going to be SMART! ha! I think it is hilarious that both weeks as soon as they get in the car, they pass out like they are exhausted. Rex is snoring now.

Isn't Miss Stella getting to be a gorgeous girl?

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Tasha said...

Just like kids, LOL! I only wish I could put my kids through that class...Then the owner of the St Bernard wouldn't have to worry about anything :)hahahahaha