Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obedience Part III

Who's the rock star? WE are! We are!! These pups ROCKED at doggie obedience tonight!! Oh yeah! Stella really came out of her shell this week and was even called to the center to demonstrate a new command. Kevin was beaming!! ha! And, in the first few minutes of class, the instructor had us do a "sit, stay" and out of all the dogs, only 3 people were allowed to drop their leashes because their dogs would stay. Who was in that group? STELLA AND REX! Cuz they are rock stars! Woot! Woot!
Now, we know heel, sit, stay, down, stay, wait, come, and are learning "finish". Finish is where you call them to come back to you and they automatically walk back into the heel position....yikes! This one could take some work! ha!
And, the Saint Bernard is a 10 times better dog already!!
PS. Scroll on down in the sidebar and check out my new lab bling featuring Miss Stella's picture! Thanks Tana!


Tasha said...

You go Stella and Rex, I knew you could do it..Great job!

Vader's Mom said...

Go Rex & Stella!!!! I proud of you both!