Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quiet weekend

It was a nice, quiet weekend for me. Sometimes we need those just to restore the soul. It came just in time too!! I almost let myself get down about money and the whole "will we will be parents" thing Friday, but a good dose of some girl time and I quickly recovered through lots of giggles. Then, Saturday, I had one of those days that goes down as much needed for my sanity, our relationship and a happy home....a day completely to myself. I lived on my own for so long and am so independent, that sometimes I just need it to be me. Let's just say that Saturday, I stayed in my PJ's ALL day, caught up on my DVR, read some in my book, and scrapbooked. Then, by the end, I was ready for Kevin to come home. Oh, did I mention that I did all that in a clean house? Cuz I did! heehee!
Kevin was gone Saturday to Jonesboro for John 3:16's media day. He cooked a half ton of chicken for 2,000 folks!!! He was exhausted!!! After getting in late from a day like that, we didn't make Sunday School this morning but we did make the church service. And, it was baby dedication day. Babies galore! The look on Kevin's face when he sees a baby is priceless! I know he will be a great dad someday. And, I think I have finally found some peace with the baby idea. We have not been preventing a baby since April....but I was never sure beyond any reasonable doubt that it was what I wanted. I mean, let's face it, we are not spring chickens. I'll be 37 in just a few weeks! And, my biggest worry was that I have enough to keep up with without adding to it. I wasn't sure how much Kevin would help....ladies, you all know what I am talking about!! Well, I believe everything happens for a reason. And, I believe that God sent us Benton (the sick foster pup) to show me I was wrong for worrying over that. Kevin went above and beyond to care for that puppy and never complained. After much prayer, I know I am finally at peace with (hopefully) being a mom. The scary part is not knowing if now that I know what I want, if it is in God's plan. Time will tell...and until then, we are having fun! :-)


Tasha said...

Hang in thre.. Maybe God knows now you are at peace with it, and you should be blessed with a baby soon :)

Anonymous said...

If it's in God's plan it will happen....and when it does you and Kevin both will be excellent parents! In the meantime....practice, practice, practice!!!