Friday, January 1, 2010


My 2009 resolution check up:

2009 Resolutions were:
*Continue to work on enjoying the moment I am IN...all the little moments too! :-) Sometimes I am much better at this than others! (I think I am definitely more appreciative of the little moments and relaxing more and stressing less....especially since I finished my Master's ~ ha!)
*Start sending birthday and anniversary cards in the mail rather than using the internet and email.
(I totally failed at this! LOL! I started out strong and then just couldn't do it. Internet and email are just easier!)
*Find time everyday for quiet Bible reading & prayer.
(I have only missed my Bible time a hand full of times this year. My Bible goes with me when we camp or whatever now. I love the peace that comes from reading my Bible! Yay!)

And, I challenge myself to read even more books in 2009 than in 2008!!! (Less tv and more reading) (Did it! I have practically stopped watching tv at all...I only really keep up with two shows and have no plans to start any new ones. I don't miss tv at all. And, I read 19 books this year...pretty good since I was still working on my Masters and more than the year before.)

Now, what I would like to accomplish in 2010:
~My biggest goal is NO MORE CREDIT CARD! I had stopped using it but this past year we were so broke that we had to use it. Well, I am going back to not using it in 2010. The only exception is vet emergencies. :-)

~I plan to donate a dollar a day to BoxAR rescue. Even though we sometimes are down to our last dollar before pay day, when you think about just a dollar a day, it seems pretty doable.

~I want to be brave and share with someone in person about the Bible and Jesus and what He has done for our lives and what He can do for them.

~I want to keep reading instead of watching tv!! :-)

I have to keep it simple and short or I'll feel overwhelmed! ha!
Happy 2010 everyone!! May we all be blessed in the new year!