Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rex's Turn!

My sister, Stella, told me she got on mommy's blog over here and introduced herself to set the record straight. After yesterday's post, I decided it was my turn before everyone got the wrong idea about me! Thanks for the idea sis! My name is Rex, which in itself holds some meaning. My name is after mommy's first two dogs, Rocky and Jax, who were apparently perfect. I don't know how I am supposed to live up to them. It's pressure! Luckily, I have my sister Stella, to cuddle with and give me comfort. I didn't have an easy start to life. I lived in a house way different from this one until I was 5 months old. They would lock me, my brother, my mom and dad out of the house and make us find our own food sometimes. We had to get creative sometimes and my boxer dad taught us how to bust through a locked doggie door and how to get out of the fence to search for food. We kept getting picked up by these animal control people and finally a nice BoxAR lady came and took us home.
It was heaven not to have to worry about where we were going to sleep or get our next meal! After a few days at the boxer rescue ladies house, she took me and brother to live with my mommy. That's when I met Stella and learned I would get fed every day, TWICE a day! How awesome is that? We got this big doggie box to sleep in at night that was cozy and right by our mommy's bed. My brother soon went to live with another couple, but my mommy tells me how he's doing all the time. We may even get together every now and then to play. I'm good with that. He was always taking mommy's attention away from me! Now, I get all her boxer loving...I know she loves boxers best! I hear her say it all the time what great dogs we are!
The real trick around this house is being nice to the cat. He tries to get us in trouble all the time. He completely tore that pond up and blamed it on me and Stella. What do dogs want with goldfish? Makes you think, doesn't it? But mom wouldn't listen to reason. She just got mad and put that zapping fence up. I hate it because now I can't drink out of the pond.I admit that I do snore. I guess I can't deny it. My mommy has me on video on here! Jeez! The woman can't get enough of me...she even tapes me while I'm asleep!! Can you blame me for snoring? I mean, life is just so good. I don't have a care in the world!! I do wonder what obedience means though...I kept hearing mom and dad say we are going there next week??? If you know what that means, please tell me!
Now, let me clear up a few questions. First, I do not BOLT or run away and not come back when my mommy calls me. I simply did not hear her. She tends to exaggerate! And, the climbing the gate at my grandma's house, well, my boxer dad taught me that and I said I was sorry that I didn't know any better. I mean, I didn't have the best examples at an early age! And, I didn't realize I came through the doggie door like my butt was on fire. That is how my boxer daddy showed me to come through a doggie door. Again, I blame it on my upbringing. I am learning new things everyday. I know my mommy forgives me when I mess up because I pretend to be asleep and I hear her telling me she loves me. She tells me and my sister, Stella that all the time! She is always buying us treats and letting us up in the bed with her. Yep, I am one lucky boxer! If I could just figure out how to set up the cat.....


Tasha said...

This will sound silly but I almost forgot you were telling the story..I just fell in LOVE with Rex :) I pictured a husky doggy voice while reading LOL

Anonymous said...

Psssst...Hey Rex....I know it was the cat's fault. It's always the cat's fault. Don't tell your Mom I said that, okay?

Vader's Mom said...

Rex - You are adorable and I hope to hear more from you & Stella around here.

And Vader wants you to know that he's behind you 100%. The cats are always responsible!