Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow day=GREAT day!

I love a snow day! We were out today (although not sure why, we had some flurries and nothing really on the ground). Am I complaining? Heck no!
I managed to get the house cleaned for our dinner guests tomorrow night.
Laundry is all cleaned, folded and put away.
Scrapbooked two pages. Yay!
Read in my new James Pattersoon book and may even finish it tonight.
And, I slept in! (well, I was up and had showered and then they called school off, so I went back to bed....but still didn't get up until almost 9.)

How can that NOT be a good day? Scrapbookin' and reading! yippee!

**Oh, and I forgot to mention, while I'm on a happy post, at the casino this weekend, I got carded to get IN! Yep, I still got it! No one else got carded. I got all giddy and she looked at my id and said, "Jezzzzus!" heehee!


Tasha said...

You got ID????? Thats so awesome. Sounds like a great snow day, and it sounds like you got alot done...usually snow days are lazy days around here..So good job.

Anonymous said...

Pfffft. I never get carded.