Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bring it!

I am armed and ready for this week after Sunday School today. I am officially finished with my pity party and ready to put on my armor each morning and get my joy back! I have spent the past month questioning God and this baby journey. The why's and what if's just get me down and can drive you crazy. I have come to terms with my current journey. If it turns out we are infertile or need extra medical assistance to get pregnant, then I will embrace the journey that God has given us. Why I ever question Him, I do not know. He knows better than I do what is best for me. Thank you to everyone that has been praying for us. We have certainly needed it lately - especially myself. But now, I've got my fight's going to be good no matter what the path. :) Keep the prayers coming and I'll keep you posted on the journey for Baby Benson. And if you see me starting to slip back down in the pit, feel free to give a little pull in the right direction!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Praise Report

It's been a bit of a yucky week for me. I've been grouchy and had some long days with parent conferences and a few other things. But I have to lift up my husband. He has taken it all in stride. In our "before John 3:16 Ministries" life, this is when he would have drank. But he has done just the opposite...he has gone to a men's Bible study at 6 am (not everyone would do that), he has taken my rants in stride and prayed for me and with me and had others praying for me. This past weekend when I was out of town, what did he do? He spent his weekend serving the Lord. He spent Friday night at Funtastic Friday at the church and Saturday he removed the pine needles from an elderly ladies roof at church and spent the day with a neighbor in need. I am not bragging on him, well....maybe I am...I just fall more in love with him for being the husband that he is and leading our household. He would never tell you all this himself, so that's what I am for! I say Praise Jesus for John 3:16 Ministries, their graduates and Godly husbands! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Young Love

Invasion of Privacy by Perri O'Shaughnessy

*3rd book of 2010

My favorite authors are 1) James Patterson 2) Patricia Cornwell 3) Perri O'Shaughnessy
So you know I liked this book...I am actually caught up on their series and went back and read the first two that I missed. Hindsight - just leave it alone. It's confusing to go back. But, I did it. And thanks to PJ day at school last week, I got this book crossed off the list! WooHoo!

A review for ya:
From Publishers Weekly
From familiar elements - four mysteriously missing young women; a filmmaker everyone loves to hate; a woman defense attorney with several suitors; the attorney's courageous but unhappy young son - sisters Pamela and Mary O'Shaughnessy have fashioned a thickly plotted and pleasantly baffling second legal thriller. Tahoe-area attorney Nina Reilly was shot at the end of Motion to Suppress (1995). As the increasingly alarming facts of her latest case pile up, she is haunted by memories of that wounding. No less haunting are certain details of her personal past, which Nina's new client, Terry London, an energetically spiteful documentary filmmaker, seems to know as much about as Nina does. Out of that past and into Tahoe comes Kurt Scott, the father of Nina's son, Bob. Almost immediately, Terry is murdered, Kurt is accused of the crime and Nina must assemble his murder defense. To complicate the mystery, Terry had just finished a film about the 12-year-old disappearance of a local teenager who may have been only one in a series of young women killed by the same hand. Did Terry know and abet the killer? As Nina ponders that question, a devastating mid-story revelation plunges her into a difficult ethical dilemma. Fans of the genre will luxuriate in this deft, multileveled tale of legal and criminal treachery, whose pleasures include elegant courtroom sleight-of-hand and the eerily wintry backdrop of Lake Tahoe. And the surprises don't end with the identity of the killer: Nina's last-page choice of a love partner will raise a few eyebrows as well.
Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
From Library Journal

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obedience VI

Well, Rex isn't going to win any prizes unless it's for "most stubborn". Urgh! They weren't horrible tonight, but I hear people talking about Stella. Saying things like "well, he must work with her every night" and "he works with her 3 times the amount of time I do". In other words, as Kevin predicted (hate it when he's right), she is the rock star of the class. And, my dog is the clown. Case in point - we were going to practice heel with a loose leash and not holding onto to the leash or the dog - as soon as it is time to start walking, MY DOG falls over on his belly and everyone has to walk around us. SERIOUSLY? And at least twice during a "stay" practice, when he had gotten up numerous times, when I put him back in stay position, he pressed himself up against the wall like some abuse victim. I have never even raised my hand to this dog! But that may change! ha! Really?

We have two weeks to go and I am pretty certain that Rex is going back through for a second round. I am in the middle of parent conferences right now and couldn't help but wonder tonight if I had a parent conference with the trainer on Rex, what would she say? "Ma'am, it may be time to think about repeating obedience..."

Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Scrap pages! yay!

Here are some of my favorite pages from the weekend: (oh, and I looked and last year I scrapped 34 pages, so this year, I beat it by 10! That all-nighter paid off!)Now, my two favorite titles....(Trail & Error comes from our hike with Leila, the BoxAR dog that didn't work out - get it? heehee)
Day I got my Masters...BIG DAY!
**Other favorites from the weekend~
~favorite subjects to scrap: the pups!! :)
~favorite new tool: xyron...where have you been all my scrap life?
~favorite meal: chicken enchiladas

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scrap Retreat 2010

We're HERE! Yay! This weekend is one of those you look forward to and goes by so fast! Me, Peggy, Sandy and Laura (aka Funny Girl) left on Friday about noon and headed to Mount Harbor...of course stopping in Hot Springs along the way to eat lunch and make a last minute Hobby Lobby stop for scrap supplies. I scored an awesome bargain on a little scrap bag. Love it!
This is my workspace...we each get our own 6 ft. table and if you don't scrap, that is a huge deal! Oh, and see that green trim/brown tote? That is my bargain find!! :)
The gang's all here ~ Funny Girl (expecting little Funny Girl~ heehee), Sandy, Peggy and me:
Our dinners were catered in ~ chili Friday night and yummy, yummy enchilada's on Saturday night. We all bring snacks too, so eating is a big part of this weekend too! LOL!
Here is where it all happens ~ 35 women scrapbooking with every scrap tool imaginable:Friday we scrapped until about 11:30 pm and then headed to the cabin for the night. But Saturday, it was ON! Peggy and I pulled an all-nighter!!! We scrapped ALL day Saturday and didn't stop until 5:30 am. We figured at that point, we better close our eyes for an hour or two since we were the drivers! :) Here we are taking our own pic because we were the only ones still up!!Sandy is our winner this time around...she won the scrap challenge this year. Look at her awesome page: yay Sandy!!
I beat my last year's pages...44 done and only have Christmas day left to scrap for 2009. woot! Now, I only got up to eat and blog...must go back to bed so I can be ready for tomorrow!!
Peace, love and scrapbooking! ha!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's here!

Scrapbook Retreat Time again...woot! woot! Tomorrow, us four ladies are heading to a full weekend of laughter and scrapbooking....ahhhhhh!!! The bliss! No technology for me for a few days and no work and no taking care of anyone else. I can feel myself relaxing already...Oh wait, I still need to pack and do a million things to get ready...THEN, I'll relax!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mud Baths

This is the pups version of a mud bath...oh boy, the fun we had at the Benson house today!! I am the first to endorse a doggie door. But the one time I don't like it is when the backyard is a mud PIT! Our pups downside is they LOVE to dig. And, now it's muddy, so they are literally digging in mud puddles. And having a blast. There are towels everywhere in this house right now to keep the mud off stuff, but today, they managed to really out-do themselves. And, they ran in COVERED in mud through the doggie door. Before Kevin could catch them, they had mud on the sofa, walls, bedspread, and the floors...oh, the floors, not just the wood floors either, NO, that would be too easy! The pictures really just don't show how muddy they were...and like two kids, they went straight to the tub to get a bath!! Now, the doggie door is locked and they are on supervised potty visits outside until the yard drys out. Whatever it takes to keep momma happy! :-) Lucky for them, they were good tonight at doggie obedience, so they have redeemed themselves and been forgiven. Until the next time....
Simba thought this was the perfect timing to ask if he could have their bed....I mean, they certainly don't deserve a nice, big, warm bed like this!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I have somehow come to HATE talking on the phone. I am not sure when it happened, but it did. Maybe it's because of cell phones and always being reachable now. I don't know. But, I know that I am horrible at returning phone calls. But I will email you all day long. I would honestly rather write an old school letter than yap on the phone. What happened to me? I apologize to all my family and friends. It's not you, it's me!

**On a side note, countdown is on! 4 days until the scrapbook retreat!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Acts of Service

This weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday, I helped BoxAR with a fundraiser. That was fun!! I saw so many boxers and cute dogs!! You know I am happy when I am loving on some dogs! ha! One lady brought in a 4 week old chocolate lab puppy!!! Can you say C.U.T.E??? I hate to admit I am turning into a lab person. Shhhh!!! Saturday night, the furkids had a sleepover again with their new friend, Bella. It would've been a lot more fun if our backyard wasn't a giant mud puddle!!! Seriously!
Today was church and couple's Bible study AND Valentine's day. I totally admit to not being a huge Valentine person. I did score a marshmallow gun from one of room mom's on Friday though and we have fun with that (shooting the pups! ha!)., in church, they started a 10 week challenge calling on everyone to do acts of service for others. We got a wooden heart and each day are challenged to do an act of service for someone and write it on the heart. When 10 acts of service are on the heart, you get another one. Then, at the end of 10 weeks, we will all get together and talk about it. We can do acts of service for family members or friends or coworkers. Then, they put this giant heart in front of the church and people needing things done could put them on the heart. This reminds me of random acts of kindness (which I love) and passing it on. You know when someone does something nice for you, it makes you want to pass that on. So, I am thinking this is going to be fun! It even goes along with our couples Bible study, The Five Love Languages. Bonus!
Hope everyone had a good Valentine's with your honey!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happiness is...

...being surrounded by those I love.
...piling in the bed with Kevin and all the furkids.
...watching the pups run & play in the backyard. unexpected hug from Big Bear.
...smelling the smoker fired up.
...getting a snow day on my birthday. :)
...scrapbook night giggling with the girls.
...eating Kevin's cooking.
...the smell of a camp fire.
...quiet time with my Bible study.
...a road trip with destination unknown.
...driving through a tree tunnel.
...watching a child learn something new.
...listening to Stella's tail thump the sides of her crate in anticipation of getting OUT!
...watching Rex wiggle down the hall.
...seeing Kevin happy.
...a clean house (dreaming here! ha!)
...a Dr. Pepper on ice.
...Wednesday night family night.
...any day spent at home with Big Bear & the fur kids.
Happiness is loving the life God has given you and being thankful for the little things in it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 days snowed in...

...and I am ready to go back to work. Two days was good! I just need one good snow day like yesterday a year and then I'm ready for spring! ha!
We did venture out a little stir crazy and went to Wal-Mart with everyone else. It was pretty packed. The roads were pretty clear, just a few patches here and there. So, hopefully, we are back to routine tomorrow.
Even dog classes were cancelled tonight! It must be bad if the dogs don't even have school! ha!
Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed being a total slug for two days!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow day on my Birthday!! YIPPEE!!

Let the FUN begin!!! Turns out both pups love the snow...yay! They have ran and had a blast and we bundled up and joined them....waking up to snow and spending the day with Kevin & the pups is the BEST birthday I could ask for! I love you Mr. Snowman! heehee!
Benson style snowman...even our snowman likes BBQ! ha!We never get snow like this here!! I would say we got 3 to 4 inches before the rain started in and they say it will change back to snow tonight. This was a gorgeous snow with big flakes too! And, perfect snowman building snow...I can't remember ever building a snowman, so it's been a fun day!
Stella, the rock star of the house, can add catching snowballs in her bag of tricks! Rocky used to do this too...I love it!
Happy Snow day! Looks like we will be home tomorrow too!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A weekend in pictures (aka PUPPIES!)

I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the smoker full of meat all weekend!! Besides our awesome pups and their house guest (our dogs have friends sleep over ~ ha), that is pretty much our weekend. Kevin cooked from Thursday night until this afternoon. He did his regular Thursday night smoked meats list and then some Super Bowl specials. He has been running like a mad man (but grateful for the business!!). While he's busy with cooking, I was busy with some puppy therapy....the best kind of therapy there is! :-)
Saturday, I took Rex to the BoxAR fundraiser and he had his picture made for Valentine's day ~ I love his ears! heehee!
And this picture....well, you know that saying "Boys will be boys"...this is Kevin trying to prove that cats always land on their feet. Now, tell me, does it LOOK like Simba landed on his FEET? (Insert heavy sigh) The cat has forgiven him and for the record I told him NOT to do it!
The rest of my fun was watching Rex play with his house guest. He loves Bella. She is only 4 months old, so she won't be this size much longer. She is a great dane/mastiff mix. I can't wait to see how big she gets!! Rex loves it when her daddy goes to Hot Springs and she gets to come and play. Stella could really do without her, but she tolerated her much better this time! ha! Basically, they played and wrestled until they passed out and then woke up and did more of the same.
Notice Stella in the background...all she cares about is making sure no one gets her bone or toys. "Keep her occupied Rex!"And then we sweet when we all go to sleep. Kevin had to be up with the smoker all night, so it was me and all three pups plus one unhappy cat in the bed. Talk about a dog pile!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Roller Coaster

We have had a week of disappoints, followed by blessings. It's been up and it's been down. One of those CrAzY, dizzy weeks. I mean, we started out the week knowing that it was buckle down time with money and business was super slow. But, we didn't compromise on our tithe and we were blessed for it. It's Thursday and Kevin has so many orders that he is running like a mad man! I can't wait to sample these stuffed jalapenos he is making for his Super Bowl Sunday special!!
Anyway...yesterday, we were pretty sad around here because we discovered that once again we are not pregnant. I admit that this time I took it pretty hard. I really haven't been consumed with it, but I was pretty sure that this was the month. It was to be the perfect birthday present. (Because I live in fantasy land sometimes! ha!) But, it was not time and I had a good cry over it. I actually had a pretty bummed day about it. I've prayed about it and am moving on because He has a plan for us. Sometimes, I just wish he'd let us in on what it is! I feel like everything has to be a battle sometimes....can't we just get pregnant without it being a huge ordeal? Maybe...maybe not. As a teacher, it is really hard to see some people get to have kids and not really "parent" them or even want them, and then I have to wonder if I will even get to be a mom. It also crosses the mind on days like yesterday, what if because of bad choices earlier in life, I missed my chance to be a mom. It's possible. I don't know. All I know for sure is that after next month, if we aren't pregnant, it is time to go back to the doctor. And at that point, I guess we have to decide just how far we are willing to take the "extras" that could help us get pregnant. It's no secret that insurance doesn't cover these "extra methods" and we don't have a money tree in our backyard. Not sure how far I am willing to go....but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
For now, I feel myself returning to normal and looking forward to the fun in the weeks ahead!
With that, I leave you with a picture of how I fail as a puppy mom ~ ha!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obedience Part IV

Who is the rock star now you ask? STELLA and Stella alone! She really is good...I know she is like a bull in a china shop when she's excited, but you give this girl a command and she follows it. She really stole the show tonight. I gotta give her kudos (even if it does make her daddy's head swell and help give him ammo in proving that Labs are smarter than boxers!)It is time to crack down with Rex and have a little doggie boot camp this week. Seriously, I knew he might not do well with heel or return because we didn't practice those this week. But we did practice sit, stay, wait, and down. And, he did them at home. He doesn't break his stay at home. He looked like he had NO training or common sense tonight. The freakin' Saint Bernard did better than him tonight!! Really??? I was ready to strangle him before we left tonight! He broke his stay every time....he sat when HE felt like it...and he flat out had to be put in the down position. I think he has doggie A.D.D....he cannot handle the distractions of the other dogs. It is ridiculous, but I think he gets it from his momma! That's ok, it is time to break him down. Next week, he will shine or else! ha!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lying low...

That's what we'll be doing for the month of February. I think the saying goes something like "we ain't got a pot to pee in." That would be us right now! But we got it better than some...all our bills are paid and here we sit on two laptops. Ha! It's just one of those months where we are gonna be rolling coins for grocery money....come on, you know you've done it before too!
Business has been slow the past few weeks, but you know, we decided we were still going to stick to our goal of tithing 10%. And, God would take care of us. And, He has! Today, Kevin got a $250 order for his smoked meats on Thursday! See, God is good ALL the time!

So, we aren't going to be doing much this month but we have my birthday to look forward to. I have a scrapbook retreat coming up that is already paid for and we always have doggie obedience! LOL! The Benson's are living on love and laughter and we wouldn't have it any other way! :-)