Sunday, February 14, 2010

Acts of Service

This weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday, I helped BoxAR with a fundraiser. That was fun!! I saw so many boxers and cute dogs!! You know I am happy when I am loving on some dogs! ha! One lady brought in a 4 week old chocolate lab puppy!!! Can you say C.U.T.E??? I hate to admit I am turning into a lab person. Shhhh!!! Saturday night, the furkids had a sleepover again with their new friend, Bella. It would've been a lot more fun if our backyard wasn't a giant mud puddle!!! Seriously!
Today was church and couple's Bible study AND Valentine's day. I totally admit to not being a huge Valentine person. I did score a marshmallow gun from one of room mom's on Friday though and we have fun with that (shooting the pups! ha!)., in church, they started a 10 week challenge calling on everyone to do acts of service for others. We got a wooden heart and each day are challenged to do an act of service for someone and write it on the heart. When 10 acts of service are on the heart, you get another one. Then, at the end of 10 weeks, we will all get together and talk about it. We can do acts of service for family members or friends or coworkers. Then, they put this giant heart in front of the church and people needing things done could put them on the heart. This reminds me of random acts of kindness (which I love) and passing it on. You know when someone does something nice for you, it makes you want to pass that on. So, I am thinking this is going to be fun! It even goes along with our couples Bible study, The Five Love Languages. Bonus!
Hope everyone had a good Valentine's with your honey!

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That sounds like a good weekend to me!