Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obedience Part IV

Who is the rock star now you ask? STELLA and Stella alone! She really is good...I know she is like a bull in a china shop when she's excited, but you give this girl a command and she follows it. She really stole the show tonight. I gotta give her kudos (even if it does make her daddy's head swell and help give him ammo in proving that Labs are smarter than boxers!)It is time to crack down with Rex and have a little doggie boot camp this week. Seriously, I knew he might not do well with heel or return because we didn't practice those this week. But we did practice sit, stay, wait, and down. And, he did them at home. He doesn't break his stay at home. He looked like he had NO training or common sense tonight. The freakin' Saint Bernard did better than him tonight!! Really??? I was ready to strangle him before we left tonight! He broke his stay every time....he sat when HE felt like it...and he flat out had to be put in the down position. I think he has doggie A.D.D....he cannot handle the distractions of the other dogs. It is ridiculous, but I think he gets it from his momma! That's ok, it is time to break him down. Next week, he will shine or else! ha!


Stella Blue said...

Tanks, mommie. I wunder if u was watchin' me tunite. I try to look over and tell u i luv you when him was bad. u a gud mommie and i luvs u. me & brudder talk and hims is gonna do bedder.

Luv, Stella

Anonymous said...

You mean Rex got shown up by the Saint Bernard!? Oh Rex!