Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obedience VI

Well, Rex isn't going to win any prizes unless it's for "most stubborn". Urgh! They weren't horrible tonight, but I hear people talking about Stella. Saying things like "well, he must work with her every night" and "he works with her 3 times the amount of time I do". In other words, as Kevin predicted (hate it when he's right), she is the rock star of the class. And, my dog is the clown. Case in point - we were going to practice heel with a loose leash and not holding onto to the leash or the dog - as soon as it is time to start walking, MY DOG falls over on his belly and everyone has to walk around us. SERIOUSLY? And at least twice during a "stay" practice, when he had gotten up numerous times, when I put him back in stay position, he pressed himself up against the wall like some abuse victim. I have never even raised my hand to this dog! But that may change! ha! Really?

We have two weeks to go and I am pretty certain that Rex is going back through for a second round. I am in the middle of parent conferences right now and couldn't help but wonder tonight if I had a parent conference with the trainer on Rex, what would she say? "Ma'am, it may be time to think about repeating obedience..."


Becca B. said...

"Retention might be in his best interest. Let's not look at this as a negative thing though, it's a chance for him to grow."

love it! Too funny.

Vader's Mom said...

I don't know what I found more entertaining. The photo or the story. I guess you have the true sibling rivalry going on in your house. Big sister is the shining star - little brother is the goof. But, in most cases, people who know the little brother know he's just as smart or smarter than the big sister!