Thursday, February 25, 2010

Praise Report

It's been a bit of a yucky week for me. I've been grouchy and had some long days with parent conferences and a few other things. But I have to lift up my husband. He has taken it all in stride. In our "before John 3:16 Ministries" life, this is when he would have drank. But he has done just the opposite...he has gone to a men's Bible study at 6 am (not everyone would do that), he has taken my rants in stride and prayed for me and with me and had others praying for me. This past weekend when I was out of town, what did he do? He spent his weekend serving the Lord. He spent Friday night at Funtastic Friday at the church and Saturday he removed the pine needles from an elderly ladies roof at church and spent the day with a neighbor in need. I am not bragging on him, well....maybe I am...I just fall more in love with him for being the husband that he is and leading our household. He would never tell you all this himself, so that's what I am for! I say Praise Jesus for John 3:16 Ministries, their graduates and Godly husbands! :)


Debbie said...

We are forming an Arkansas Bloggers group. Come link your blog to

Lindsey said...

SO awesome!!! I think SOMEONE has an anniversary coming up!!!

Tasha said...

Your awesome hubby deserves some bragging...What a good guy!