Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Scrap pages! yay!

Here are some of my favorite pages from the weekend: (oh, and I looked and last year I scrapped 34 pages, so this year, I beat it by 10! That all-nighter paid off!)Now, my two favorite titles....(Trail & Error comes from our hike with Leila, the BoxAR dog that didn't work out - get it? heehee)
Day I got my Masters...BIG DAY!
**Other favorites from the weekend~
~favorite subjects to scrap: the pups!! :)
~favorite new tool: xyron...where have you been all my scrap life?
~favorite meal: chicken enchiladas


Lindsey said...

I love them Lori!! I especially like how you have 9 pics on one page, I'm always trying to figure out how to put more pics on one page. You are SO GOOD!! Love the title of your masters page. Smart lady you are!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love them!! Where was the scrapbook retreat? You know...Etta and I should take a road trip and attend next year!!! I've gone digi though..I'd bring my laptop!