Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blessings ~ Day 2

Today's post is dedicated to the pups...these two have brought us lots of laughter.
Stella will always hold a special place in my heart because she helped me to heal from the loss of Jax. These two are totally different dogs in so many ways. Stella is a people pleaser and a lover. Rex is stubborn and could care less and can snore like a freight train! ha!

And, BOTH did a good job in obedience school tonight! woot! We were able to put them in "wait" position and walk across the training floor and call them to us! Both of us! Yay! Rex even did his stay position this week! There was a new instructor there tonight (Mom, you might want to sign up now...he's a cowboy from Austin, Texas! ha!). Anyway, he was really impressed with Stella (of course!). We asked about taking them through the class a second time but switching dogs and the instructor thinks there is going to be a better class for us. So, we may be graduating and moving to the next level next week! Yay!

For all the locals ~ next classes start March 16th at Splash and Dash ~ only $55 a dog!! It's fun, you should do it! :)

To wrap it up, I am grateful for our puppies and the joy they bring us, for us all having fun with the obedience classes once a week, and of course for BoxAR Rescue that rescued Rex!

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