Friday, March 26, 2010

It's been awhile...

...since the Benson's have gotten themselves in a we were due. ha! We got up this morning all gung-ho to start our day working in the garden and flowerbeds. First we had to move the smoker out of the way, so we could pull the trailer in the back later loaded up with dirt and mulch. Sounds simple enough right? Well, we got stuck...IN THE FRONT YARD! Who can say ruts? Oh, but the laughs were worth it!! (Or at least I thought it was funny...pretty sure Kevin didn't) I had just showered and Kevin had me in the back of the truck jumping up and down...ladies, what does that do anyway? I don't know except get MUD in my hair and make me feel like a monkey! ha! The pups were trapped inside during this mess because we managed to get the smoker half way through the gate before we got stuck. So, there she was...stuck. No shutting the gates...hmmmm! What to do? All we were doing was digging deeper holes in the yard. And, if you are wondering, if we had a suburban or something bigger for Kevin to drive things like this wouldn't happen! ha!

After a phone call for help to Alan, our cousin and hero, we were pulled free from the mud in our own front yard. Now, men can be fussy about pictures of these events, so I snuck a picture through the front window! ha! Now, THAT's a truck! Thanks Alan!!After all the drama, I got busy on some yard work and puppy playing (Rex had a playdate today). Tomorrow is mulch for the flowerbeds and super soil for the garden. Maybe we will be adventure free...heehee!

PS. I love this picture of Rex I snapped today:

After hours of play, all the furkids hit the sack pretty hard....and I am about to do the same!


Tasha said...

Always an adventure, LOL.

Cute pics of the pups.

Lindsey said...

Those fur kids are so stinkin' cute! I wanna nap tooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Very funny. Did you trade Stella in or does the have the black and white measles?