Tuesday, March 30, 2010


No post last night...I was busy getting my report cards done because I refused to work over Spring Break. :-) And, the vacuum cleaner died yesterday, so I spent quite a bit of time on the computer researching vacuum's. I hate to admit that I might bite the bullet and pay more than I want for a vacuum and get the dyson that everyone is raving about. It was also top on the list with consumer reports for pet hair. And, we got plenty of that around here!!! ha!!
Here are the highlights of the past two days: vacuum dead, report cards done, Big Bear gone to the ministry = me trying to remember how to cook for myself (he has spoiled me, I know), slept with 2 dogs and 2 cats in the bed last night (not restful if you wondered), not 100% this morning myself, parked under a tree at work (BIG mistake as my car looks a team of birds sat above it and just bombed it all day!! ha!), came home to a crate full of diarrhea from poor Stella being sick and sitting in it all day (G.R.O.S.S.), cleaned up smelly mess and bathed one pitiful puppy. I mean, by all accounts I should be in a foul mood. But, I just sat by my pond and enjoyed my first ever tulips that I planted. I am back to loving my pond area. I fixed it back up over spring break and there will be serious trouble if the pups even think about messing with it again. The only eye sore is the fido-shock wire around it, but it is a necessary evil! :-)
Usually, I enjoy some time to myself when Big Bear goes somewhere for a day or two...but this time, I've missed him pretty much from the time he left. I'll be glad to see him when he gets home tonight! Hope the ministry gets the catering job he helped them bid on today!!
And, I hope you enjoyed my tulips as much as I did today! Now, here's hoping for a non-eventful tomorrow! ha!


Becca B. said...

LOVE your tulips! One of my very favorite flowers!

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous tulips and mulch!!

Anonymous said...

Testing Lori...on my kids iPhone. Trying to decide if I want one. I could read your blog from anywhere!