Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break (so far)

We are HOME!! And, I need Spring Break to SLOW DOWN! :) We took a few days road trip for our anniversary, but before we left, we started Spring Break with a little garden tilling (note the helper? ha), hitting some yard sales (found some great scrapbook stuff), and cleaning out a few flowerbeds...then we hit the road and headed straight into a blizzard. Arkansas weather is nuts if you didn't know! Our first stop was NW Arkansas to my BFF, Michelle's, house. This picture was taken the day after we arrived. I should have taken a picture of what we were driving in while they were getting a foot, yes, a foot!, of snow!! But, I was a nervous wreck driving in the blinding white mess, so no picture. The next day, temperatures were in the 60's, so it started melting pretty fast.
Best part of this stop was sharing my BFF with Kevin and him loving Chris and Michelle as much as I do. They are family to me and I wish we lived closer!! I needed more time in that nursery!! ha! Look at this cute bedding that Michelle found at Target:We spent the majority of our nursery working time folding all the clothes that people have given her...amazing the amount of clothes this little guy already has. This is only a very small portion:After visiting and eating some good food, it was time to head to our next stop ~ Branson. We took back roads there and enjoyed the Arkansas scenery. Remember, we are old souls. ha! Leisurely road trips is a favorite past time of ours. And, check out this awesome one lane bridge we stumbled upon:
Arkansas really is a pretty state. We were on some winding roads and by the time we got to Branson, the temperatures were no longer snow boots and sweatshirts. ha!
Somehow I didn't take any pictures in Branson. But, Branson can be summed up as bargain shopping (we both love a bargain and refrained from buying anything that wasn't), good food and quality time with my best friend in the world. Seriously, I practically stole a skirt from Old Navy, it was such a bargain! ha!
Now, the best part of our trip...where we did not go for the bargain...was in the food. Let me relive it:
Marketplace Grill in Conway (jambalaya pasta), Olive Garden (calamari), Krispy Kreme (enough said), Atlanta Bread Company (great sandwich!!), Landry's (best, best, best crab cake ever and house salad rocked!), Cakes & Creams (real meringue), and Cantina Laredo (spinach enchilada's). And, we had fudge from the Fudge Factory and stopped for fresh Arkansas apples and strawberries on the way home! ha!
What will tomorrow bring??? heehee!
Hope you missed me...my puppies sure did! :)


Lindsey said...

What an AWESOME trip! We are old souls too. Nothing like relaxing and talking. Happy Anniversary again!!

Becca B. said...

Sounds like some fun times!