Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today's Adventures

Today started out fairly calm and relaxing with Rex grateful to have his lounger back on the deck and out of the storage shed. It is so much nicer to sun on than lying on the hard deck...what a life! While we were enjoying the sun in the backyard, Kevin was going to buy the utility trailer we've had our eye on all was everything he's been looking for and now it's ours! (Now, would I have rather had a new couch? You betcha! Ha!) Once Big Bear got home with the trailer, we promptly loaded it up with the ice maker my dad has had in our garage since about October, loaded up the pups and headed to my parents place. Always an adventure when we haul many times can ratchet straps come loose? Plenty!!! We finally had to just lay the stupid thing on its front and go! If you saw a jeep on an exit ramp today with a person AND an ice maker on the trailer behind it and going about 10 miles per hour...that was us! That's how we roll! LOL! Once we got our load under control, we stopped in Searcy at a high school classmates restaurant for lunch and had a picnic with the pups. Obedience school paid off and they actually sat in their stay position and let us enjoy lunch. And we rewarded them with some french! win!
They did have a big time on the farm and apparently all dogs LOVE horse manure...gross! Rex is a total mess...we put him in a pen with a 6 foot gate this time to see if he could escape and he DID! I caught his attempts on video but had run out of video when he actually went over. It is insane how high he can jump. He was out in less than 5 minutes!!! Oh, and apparently he is only courteous to our cats. He was obsessed with chasing the farm cats. I certainly have my hands full with this one! Gotta say, Stella was good, as usual...she did raise her hackles when we first got there, but got over it quick. At least we have one good kid! Ha!
And, we made it home with Kevin's new toys all in one piece...tomorrow we clean and organize the garage! There it is ... in print... now we have to do it! Big thanks to Mom and Dad for the FREE refrigerator and freezer!! Yep, free! Score! As a bonus, the freezer is the perfect size to go in the concessions trailer (the one we are getting soon as we find it! ha!)

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