Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Report

We headed back to John 3:16 Ministries on Saturday for a steak dinner to get ready for the Unity Fest fundraiser in May. More on that later! :) Every time we go to the Ministry, there are more changes. They are really growing! We stopped on the way out at the new prayer garden they put in. It's on the road as you turn into the Ministry. You can see the BIG sign way before you get to it. And, they have given away over 200 Bibles in about 3 months time. Pretty cool! Here are some pics from the prayer garden...(then more news).If you are interested in donating Bibles, just contact me or Kevin and we will lead you in the right direction...and I have no idea why this print changed color and is underlined....hmmm! The BIG sign...note the screen printing service...they do a great job on Tshirts!! As you will soon see!! :)We also picked up our Tshirt order while we were there!! Exciting!! James did an AWESOME job!! Check out the back of the Tshirt:Cool huh? Our teenage helpers in a few weeks will get one for working for us. We'll all get to match! We will have some left over to sell. Nothing like a new Tshirt! ha!
Today was a fairly lazy day after church. Kevin was "as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs" before church because the preacher called him on Thursday or Friday and asked him to come up to the front after his sermon to say a little about his addictions and how God has made a difference. I was super proud of him because there are about 400 people in our service each Sunday. We are SO grateful to John 3:16 Ministries. It was a year ago tomorrow that Kevin came home. What a difference God has made in our lives!

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