Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where we are...

No Benson baby-to-be again. This puts us at a year of trying and that means it is officially time for the infertility "stuff" with the doctor. FUN! I made my appointment today...April 12th is the day. We'll know more after that. What direction we take and what the plan is. I have to admit that I have always been afraid to admit I wanted kids for this very reason. The getting your hopes up only to find out it may not even be a possibility. And the truth is, we don't know if it is a possibility. None of us has any clue what God's plan is for our family. Anyway...I was ok today even though I let myself get excited because I was late. It wasn't hard until I called to make the doctor appointment. Really, the appointment people at this office have never been my favorite and today, quite frankly, they made me cry. I realize they deal with this stuff everyday and it is no big deal to them. But they aren't friendly even when you aren't going through something. But, I love the doctor, so I put up with the shortness of the appointment people.
My prayer request, actually requests, is ~
*Kevin be able to find an urologist for his testing without us having to file bankruptcy to do it (remember, he has no leave all negative health care comments to yourself! ha! We happen to like Obama!)
*I not cry through my consultation appointment.
*For God to guide us and show us His will and plan throughout this journey.
*IF there is a fertility issue with one of us, let it be me and not Kevin. I can carry that burden and don't want him to have to.

I will keep you posted as we know things. We do have one more chance to get it right on our own before the appointment. Ha! That would keep us from having to charge a baby! :-)

I do love the emails and comments from those of you that have been through this journey yourself. It helps to hear from those that truly get it. I don't readily just bust out and talk about this topic because I do have a great support group and some days are better than others. I can tell you this though - two worst things you can do when someone is trying to get pregnant - 1. ask them when you see them if they are pregnant (trust me, we will tell you!!) 2. buy or give them baby things (umm...not good...put it up until later, then it will be so much more special!) **The asking if someone is pregnant and turns out they just put on a little weight goes without saying...ha!

Ok...I got off track and am rambling...we are grateful for your prayers and are trusting God to take care of us.
Much love,


Lindsey said...

OH geez I would NEVER comment on someone being prego if I didn't know that....being overweight my whole life, thinking about that is so RUDE! You will get your baby when HE'S ready. In HIS time! HE has your plan all ready. I pray for you both all the time! Keep your head up, thoughts positive, and when they are not, break out your bible devotions and love on each other. Your time will come:) (((HUGS)))

Becca B. said...

I love you guys so much!
I have been praying for you, daily over the pregnancy/baby issue. I have been praying for you guys to get pregnant, but not just that, I have been praying that GOd would use this journey to grow both of your faith and help you both learn patience, and acceptance, and you discover together whatever God's plan is in this area.
I am happy you have made a doctors appointment. And I am happy you are choosing to be so open about this, I know how incredibly private this can be, and I thank you for choosing to share it with us so we can support you and pray for you!