Sunday, April 18, 2010

Concession season has begun!

This was our first weekend of concessions and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! This job was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And even though there weren't as many people at the event as last year, it was fun to get back in the concessions trailer! I love this part of Kevin's business over the catering. Maybe it's all the organizing I get to do! ha! Kevin got some rave reviews on his catfish! I am always so proud of him when he is doing what he loves because it shows and once people eat his food, they are hooked! He had the best job of the weekend...doing what he does best ... standing out back frying fish, working the crowd, and praising Jesus! He has about 10 new best friends and they all want his fryer! LOL!
This is Tanner's "what do you want Mom?" face. heehee! We love you Sandy! :-) I totally made Kevin pose for this picture! Ha! We had two fryers going in the trailer and all these bad boys out back. Menu? Catfish dinner, Catfish & Fries, Chicken Strips & Fries, Cheese Fries, Hot dogs, and nachos. It's ALL good and I ate ALL of it ALL weekend! Ha!
I may weigh a ton before Florida this summer!!
It was cool in the mornings and this morning we brought coffee ~ which was a HUGE hit and kept Kristen running! Go team!
Now, we have one weekend off and then 5 weeks lined up in a row...and we have a lead on a trailer of our own instead of borrowing the ministries little one. :-)
And, last....I totally snuck this picture...why don't things ever go back in the bag once you get them out? LOL!


Vader's Mom said...

You said "hooked" and "catfish". LOL!! (I'm home alone and the bad jokes will surface!)

I'm so glad you all had fun - everyone looks so happy!

Tasha said...

Sounds fun..I am so happy you and Kevin are blessed with doing something you love!

PS did you get the keychain yet? Did you like it? Its okay if you don't I need the feed back.

Lori said...

Tasha I just emailed you. Got it, loved it! :)
Hooked on catfish...heehee!