Monday, April 5, 2010

So much happening in one day...

My teaching day was pretty's the week before testing where it is drill them and pray they've got it! I mean, let's face it, at this point, they've either got it or they don't! And, I honestly think they've got it ~ especially in math! :)

Anyway...I rushed home from school let the pups out, because Kevin was playing in a golf tournament today and then was able to minister to someone who gave his life to Jesus today. Amen! I could share that whole story, but the short version is best put as Kevin said it "for probably the first time in my life, I was where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there!" I do love him most when he comes home all fired up for Jesus!
In the meantime, I am home planting some bulbs and gerber daisies Kevin's momma gave me. I do love coming home and heading straight outside when the weather is nice!! Puts me in a happy place!! I mean, look at these red birds chillin' and bathin' in the bird bath....just makes you smile.... Then, Kevin's sister called about a family vacation to Florida this summer. Umm, hello? That is on my bucket list (cuz I replaced Grand Canyon with it...everyone keeps telling me it is just a big hole in the ground and I'm not missing anything). So, looks like we are going to Florida in August if all pans out. AND, after that, my BFF's hubs called and had gone to look at this beast of a suburban for us that Kevin wants in Fayetteville. Looks like we'll have money to go to Florida, because this beast is old and cheap! ha! Seriously, it has a big pulling engine and may not be beautiful to us ladies, but to my husband, she is a beauty that just needs a paint job....and my daddy can help with that. Now, isn't that a lot of good stuff all in one afternoon? Wow! Thank you God for all your many blessings! :)


Vader's Mom said...

Yippee for FL, but please, please don't take the Grand Canyon off your bucket list. I can't put into words what that trip meant to me and picture will never ever do it justice. We met a lot of people there who were camping and I think if we ever went back (which we want to) we'd have to try that out --- One day just wasn't enough.

Vader's Mom said...

And the most important thing which I totally forgot to add above - Thanks Kevin. I'm proud of you & so happy you were where you were!!!