Monday, April 12, 2010

Step 1 of the baby plan

...or is it step 2 and step 1 is the regular old-fashioned way??? Anyway....I had my doctor appointment today and feel really good about the plan. We are having Kevin tested, and we do need to set that appointment up ourselves. (We were hoping/thinking her office might set it up.) The doctor also wrote me a prescription for clomid, which I will be on for the next 3 months. If Kevin checks out ok and the clomid doesn't work, then at the end of summer, we go back for the next step. It looks like based on some "girl" issues, we will skip the dye test and go straight to laparoscopy as the next step if not pregnant by the end of summer. I am a wuss about surgeries of any kind, so let's all pray for clomid to do the trick! Oh, AND, the doctor told me to drink Robitussin while taking the clomid!! ha! But whatever the course, I feel better just knowing my doctor is proactive and understanding.
Thank you for all the prayers and support. Remember - no news means there is no news. So please understand my asking that we not be asked if we are pregnant, trust me, we will let you know. This is a bit of a roller coaster we are on, and sometimes we just don't feel like talking. And, sometimes we do and when we do, you may get to hear more than you ever wanted to know! If we get pregnant, I doubt we make it two days without letting you know because we'll be shouting from the rooftops! :-) Love you all!

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Tasha said...

Good luck Lori. I have heard drinking cough medicine works...wait was that you that told us that? Anyways I hope to hear some good news soon...Also remember not to stress...You always hear these stories where people tried for years and the month they didn't try...well they got prego...Hugs and lots of prayers going down south to you and Kevin.