Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Report

A great weekend (up until this morning when I woke up puny...think it's sinuses...urgh...I wanna be outside!!). Anyway, this was the weekend of Kevin's 'man' spring camping trip with some of his friends from high school. And, he took Stella with him, so Rex and I had the place to ourselves! :) That = scrapbooking Friday night with the girls! Lots of giggles. When Laura (aka Funny Girl) has her baby and has a miss a few scrap session, it will not be the same without her humor - for sure!
Yesterday, I got up and worked in the yard some and then Rex and I went to Searcy for Autumn's first horse show. Glad I made it because with our upcoming concessions schedule, I won't be able to make another one until July!! She did great - especially since her first big event, riding barrels, she got bucked off! But she overcame her nerves and got back on and it turns out Grandma had the bit in wrong and it pinched Doc's mouth....blame it all on Grandma! ha! Junior Flags...that is Grandpa standing watch in the gate! :)
Different horses for different events...this is Mindy in Western Pleasure. At least I think that's the event. I just think about how many little girls dream of having a horse and Autumn has more than one! What a lucky little cowgirl with awesome grandparents!!Rex was a good boy all day except for thinking he could play with horses and wanting to jump up and 'box' their face. He is not a dog that could be let off leash around them but this was his first horse show and I think by the end of the day, he was getting used to everything. I did forget his choker collar, but a quick trip to the pet store got him under control. And, we practiced our obedience all day, the kids loved him, and he was worn out and snored all the way home! A great distraction from missing his sissy, Stella, all weekend.Every horse has their own color they wear in blankets and harness and stuff. Doc's is zebra print. Hey mom, got that bit on right? heehee! I should note here that my mom is a nervous wreck when Autumn is riding and can't sit still all night, eat or relax. But they still have fun. I guess that is just grandma nerves.
I had a blast, but maybe it was all that dust that finally kicked my allergies/sinuses into overdrive. hmmm?


Becca B. said...

Sounds like a fun weekend to me!

Tasha said...

I would love to come to a horse event. They sound like so much fun..