Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy, Busy

It has been one of those crazy busy weeks....PTA meetings, retirement parties, caterings, hair appointments, and the weekend brings concessions! LOVE IT! We prayed about the money for this concessions trailer, and God does answer prayers! Kevin has been covered up with work for the past three weeks in a row. We are passing each other coming and going. And, this is the final weekend for sure in the borrowed trailer. Next weekend, we get to pick up OUR new concessions trailer!! Exciting!! And, if this pace keeps up, it will be paid off within a year. Awesomeness! One of the blessings of us only relying solely on my salary to pay our bills for the past year while we get this business going is that we can now spend a year or two using Kevin's money to get us completely out of business and personal debt. I hate debt. And even starting a business, I don't think ours is as bad as some. It's just that I don't like having it at all! So, once we wipe that out, we can start thinking about a move to the country. Another Benson dream! Ahhhh....peaceful!
Everyone enjoy your weekend and if you are local, look for some Memorial Day smoked meats specials from Kevin! :-)


Anonymous said...

Very, very excited for you guys on the concessions trailer. Excited for me on the Memorial Day meat specials! Whoot! Getting out of debt and (mostly) onto cash basis was the best thing we ever did and wish we had done it years before. (People were shocked, SHOCKED when they found out we hadn't had any sort of cable, etc. for 9 years among other things while we changed our spending ways). So incredibly happy for you guys that things are coming together in such a positive way on the finances but not surprised b/c both of ya'll are such talented folks in your professions and you put your trust in the Man with the Plan. How could you be anything but successful? :) - Michelle

Lindsey said...

I know what you mean about debt!! I don't have much but a little is still too much. Here's to getting out of it! Sounds like a plan! Can't wait to see that trailer! Kenny has been going back and forth about buying an aucion trailer for 3 years. It will be custom made with all the cabinets and cash registers and everything ready to go. It's just hard to pull that money from savings and let it go....easier said that done. I get the excitement of new trailers!! Once again I wish we were neighbors!