Sunday, May 16, 2010

The good stuff...

Thursday was a down day, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all up days! Woot! First, it was awesome that all the rain that was supposed to ruin Friday's activities didn't show up. Thank you Mr. Rain! Field day at school was able to go on (my class came in 2nd place overall...there is NO beating Mrs. Wright! ha!) and Kevin was able to have a successful day of concessions! Saturday we felt sure the rain would come and were mentally prepared for a rain-out, but it held off again and we had our most successful concession day of this season. And.....drumroll.....I am pretty sure we have one more weekend in the borrowed concession trailer and then we are buying our own!!!! Woo-hoo!!
In cuteness news around here, Rex, our boxer pup is no longer a pup. He's a year old now!! We celebrated his birthday (yes, we celebrate furkids birthdays around here) on Thursday. But, his brother's mom thinks their birthday is the 21st. ha! Either way, we are in the right month and he got his birthday presents on Thursday and was happy! Look at his cuteness:
And then Stella promptly tried to steal his birthday toy. She just can't let him have anything!
But, look at that happy face....he got it back. At least for a little bit! Stella's birthday is next month and she'll get a present too. Because by then, this one will be destroyed! ha!
Last, but not least, Kevin had his first informal meeting tonight to start up Celebrate Recovery or some type of Bible Study support group for people who have struggled with addictions for our church. Please pray with us about this. Our pastor is very supportive of Kevin, and we feel that this is what God wants Kevin to do...this is why we went through what we did. And to be able to help others makes it all worth it!

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Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Rex!! We celebrate fur kids (we only have one) birthdays too, and Bidder's is so easy to remember...7-7-07!! Happy One Year Cutie Rex!!