Monday, May 10, 2010


That is what Kevin has named his "new" ride...meatzilla. And, I am not as fond of Meatzilla as he is but I totally admit that it has been good for him. He actually works on it and has been tinkering around with it and learning mechanics. That's not his expertise...he is a chef. My dad is a mechanic. But Kevin has taken the door off and fixed the window. Impressive! And today, he changed the headlight. And, he loves it! We also got a thing to jump start Meatzilla without another car. She doesn't always start, but that doesn't stop him from loving her. Apparently the kids at the skeet shooting were admiring her the other day. They think Meatzilla is cool. They don't make trucks like this anymore. Nope, they don't ... she's over 20 years old! LOL! But ladies, you should hear her engine roar! It doesn't just roars! Oh, and she guzzles the gas...gets about 3 feet to the gallon! But Kevin still loves her. It's a man thing for sure! :-)

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Kevy B said...

Just so everyone can understand the beauty of her, she's a 1989 3/4 ton chevy suburban, with a big-block 454! owwoooohh! She's a man's truck!