Monday, May 31, 2010

Plans change...

At least for us they do - a lot and at the last minute. And, you know, we like to get ourselves into crisis situations like catching trucks on fire going down the interstate (remember that one?) or getting stuck, or having blow-outs. That's what we do! So, we had plans for Kevin to go help John 3:16 Ministries with Unity Fest, and I stay home and get some stuff done and enjoy the place to myself. Simple enough - right? To make a long story short - Kevin headed toward Batesville Friday pulling the fish cooker and made it to Bald Knob (about an hour or so away) and broke down. Driving down the road and Meatzilla just quit. He gets a tow to a garage and spends about 4 hours and almost $500 - to get back on the road...make it to Pleasant Plains (about 15 miles) and breaks down again. Same thing. Towing #2 around midnight now....the men from John 3:16 meet him at Pleasant Plains and pick up the cooker. Kevin heads back with the tow truck and stays in a flea bag hotel until morning. All this drama lasted until about 1:30 in the morning. I was a nervous wreck and he was stressed out!! Next day, garage guy comes and finds an electrical issue and a few other things. noon, he is back on the road and makes it to Batesville in time to fry fish for over 4,000 folks! (no charge by the way for the 2nd tow or work on Meatzilla...Amen!) Awesome! AND, the tow truck guy ended up bringing his seven kids to Unity Fest. Pretty cool...huh?
Anyway....Kevin didn't get home until late Saturday night and was worn out. So, we postponed getting the concessions trailer until Tuesday (tomorrow). One plan among many that changed.
Lots going on at the Benson house...some you know all about and some I'll tell you about when I can. But I do ask that when you pray, pray for God to open the doors that He wants us to go through and close the ones He doesn't. We are both pursuing paths that have us praying for His guidance and His will. Some change is inevitable, some change is good, some change is unexpected and some change is just hard. I am not comfortable with change. But with everything else, I find it easier when I seek Him in it.


Vader's Mom said...

Hugs & Prayers for you both!!

Becca B. said...

Your perspective and faith is inspiring, especially to those whom, like you, dread change. Even when the change isgfir good, I still struugle through.