Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bark in the Park

It was raining boxers Saturday at Burns Park! Even in the heat, I was constantly smiling...there were dogs everywhere and 80% of them were boxers!! ahhh!!! Bark in the Park was such a success that it will be a yearly thing now! This precious boxer girl that is pictured first is available for adoption...she is a petite girl and about 8 months old. I want her but I don't think I can handle 3 dogs...especially if we have a two-legged kid! ha! Mom - the fawn one is this picture below is from your house! My four-legged sister! She is fat, healthy and happy! :-)
I love a labradoodle too!
There was a big silent auction...pretty sure that is where most of the money came from! Yay! There was a great turn-out. A local radio station was announcing it every 15 minutes and it was even on the news that morning! Go BoxAR Rescue!!Remember when we fostered Rex's brother, King? Look at him below ~ he is HUGE compared to Rex!! Gorgeous!! What a pretty boy he turned out to be! :-)
King (now Rocko) isn't missing any meals! ha!
This is Izzy, a BoxAr rescue girl that graciously let Rocko join her household!Which one isn't like the others? :-) I am a sucker for a white boxer....I'm a sucker for any boxer! LOL!, hope you enjoyed all the boxer pics as much as I did! :-)

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