Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Found it ~ Finally!

At BoxAR's silent auction this past weekend, I found the perfect memorial for Jax (& Rocky too)! As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine! Can you read the words? Perfect! It says "There is a special place in our hearts for those we have loved, for those who have loved us without question, without a word or promise....There is a special place where there is no pain or fear, where love flows freely....There is a special place to rest in our hearts forever."
Now, picture it in a flowergarden surrounded by lillies and hostas...I have looked and looked for the perfect memorial garden piece..and to me, this is IT! I was willing to bid high and feel like I stole it at $45! Now, I am trying to decide if I hold onto it until we move to the country where we will be for awhile or go ahead and make a garden here.
So, mom, what do you think?

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