Friday, June 25, 2010


To keep it short and sweet, I'll just give you the highlights of the week...

*This was the 2nd week of summer school. I've only got 3 weeks to go...only 14 days total! It is flying by!

*We had open house Tuesday night. Not sure it was entirely necessary for summer school since I drove back into town for 2 parents. But's over! ha!

*Last night we had a nice dinner at Kevin's sisters house. Love that family! His sister got us some fresh peaches from an orchard and sliced them and got them freezer ready for us AND some fresh blueberries too!

*My summer school principal gave me a high compliment by trying to recruit me to her school! I am not going, but I take that as the highest compliment! I do love my job and hope it shows!!

*Finally the drama around my school (during the regular school year) getting a new principal has ended. I won't go into all that except to say that the new principal sounds AWESOME! I am looking forward to next year. :)

*I've had some frustrations with my doctor's office again and it was the same I can't wait to see my doctor because I am SO going to be a tattle tale! ha!

*I'll leave you with a video of our star furkid, Stella, in swimming action...making her daddy proud! It's only 20 seconds... :)

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Lindsey said...

About the nurse issue...there are good and annoying ones, and the annoying ones are those who THINK and ACT like they are the doctors, but they are not! Tattle away!!