Thursday, June 17, 2010


Got to give some kudo's...first, let me say that although I have taught for 12 years, I have only had two principals in all that time. And, this summer I am experiencing my third principal and WOW! She is really making an impression on me! She is at the buses each morning and greets each child as with a 'good morning' as they get off the bus. I heard her yesterday in the cafeteria with them during their lunch quizzing them on compound words because she knew that was what we were studying. How did she know? Because she comes into our rooms everyday....just a little walk in and hello. It's great! The kids know her, like her and respect her. She knows them and it is good all around for the teacher and the kids to know the principal may 'pop in'!! Today I stayed late to get some stuff done for the regular school year so I was there for dismissal and she was right in the middle of it. I just am really impressed!
Tomorrow is week 1 of summer school down, 4 weeks to go! :-)

PS. My school still doesn't have a new principal for next year. Please pray with us that we are sent a good, family oriented, Godly leader. I am also realizing this summer just what a blessing it is to work with strong christian teachers.

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Anonymous said...

I was up there today watering the plants in the pots on the entryway and visited with the Security Guard. Really liked him! You were teaching tho so didn't get to say hello. It was so odd to see teachers I didn't know coming in and out of the classrooms. So glad that the first week went well and if I could give a big "like" to this entire post, I would! - M