Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick Trip

We decided at the last minute to head out with the pups and go camping this weekend. Everyone in Arkansas seemed to have the same idea. Who would have thought that in the 100 degree weather? We drove to Brady Mountain only to find zero available spots & same story at Crystal Springs. We learned a lesson here - the campsites around Hot Springs just don't have very many sites period. So, when making a last minute trip, go to Heber! :-) The pups had no idea where they were going - just happy to be going! This was Rex's first camping trip. Stella went a few times last fall before we got Rex and she goes with her daddy on his man trips, so she's a camping pro! We ended up at Lake DeGray. When we called, they said they had one spot left and it had a water view. Here's the view....if you look hard, you can see water! ha! But we were happy to find a spot at this point!! I will say that Lake DeGray has some awesome the decking and being in the woods.
Rex was pretty worn out from taking in all the newness of his surroundings and having visitors come see him. Everybody wants to pet a puppy dog!
Let's put it on record that Big Bear made his best ever gravy this morning! Yum! Thanks for breakfast honey!!After breakfast, we took the pups for a walk and went swimming. And we discovered quickly that Rex can't swim. Bless his heart...he is CLUELESS! In the picture below, he is jumping toward Kevin out in the water and the next jump, he went head first down to the bottom and didn't come back up. Kevin had to rescue him. C.R.A.Z.Y.
So, sissy Stella tried to show him how it is done...but he still didn't get it! Oh well, we are going to take them to some shallow water and try to teach him how to doesn't look promising! ha!
Stella started out pretty rough and clumsy but within 10 minutes was fetching the ball out of the water and swimming like a pro...guess it comes natural for a lab. Not so much with the boxer...Next weekend is the Bark in the Park, so no camping for a little bit! Join us at Burns Park though! :-)

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