Sunday, June 13, 2010

Signs of Camping

There is nothing like a good campfire...especially one that Big Bear is cooking some BBQ on! Yum! Kevin and I have to bring roasted peanuts with us on a camping's just a given!
This is supposed to be the last camping season in the pop-up. It is our fourth season to use it, and it has served us well. But, we (or rather I) have bigger camper fever. And, the plan from Big Bear is that the concessions trailer is going to buy me a new camper! We went and looked on Saturday morning at some nice ones and the fever is in full swing at the moment. Who can say super slide? :)
This was our annual family trip. I must admit it was really disappointing on family turn-out this year. But, it was high on relaxation for us which is just what we needed. We have been so swamped lately with concessions and caterings that it was nice to just be able to breathe and talk and be together. No stress! Ahhhhhh! One thing that I didn't think would be a big deal but was kind of a bummer was that mom & I waited too long to make our reservations and couldn't get sites very close to each other. Oh well, we'll do better next time. Now, time to clean up from camping and gear up for summer school! :)

Aren't my parents cute??? :)

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