Monday, June 28, 2010

Stella's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Stella Blue Benson! Our pups are officially both a year old now! Time flies when you are having fun!! It's been a day full of treats and birthday songs and rib we are about to take a walk. A good day in dog world! I can't help but wonder how over the top we'll go for a two-legged kid if we make such a big deal over our four-legged ones! LOL!
I will say I never thought I'd see the day that I fell for a lab, but fell I did. Stella is one of the most loving dogs I have ever met. I will forever be grateful to her for mending my broken heart when I lost my sweet Jax (who is still the bestest dog in the world!). How about a trip down memory lane? I mean, who can resist cute dog pictures? :-) And, since yesterday went to the boxers, it's only fair. Right?
Here she is the first day we brought her home....awwww!!! Here's to many more years together!! She's going to make a great dog and best friend for a future human sibling someday! :-)


Anonymous said...

Our Lab was 9 when CG was born and 11 with Lauren. She loved both of those girls and was a great buddy to them - all the way up to age 14 1/2! Labs just love everybody but their relationship to their human siblings is pretty special. :) - M

Lindsey said...

Such sweet babies!!