Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a DAY!

First off, it is the last week of school for me, so a bit crazy at work. But, I honestly can't complain because my kids are pretty good and we are having fun. Today, I was a bundle of nerves again though because Meatzilla broke down again and Kevin was stranded. That's right...again! But, it was electrical again. And, here is the deal. We had zero trouble with his last truck until the interlock was put on and now this vehicle too. You can't tell me it isn't the interlock. However, even with us offering to pay them to switch out devices and give him a new one, they won't. That seems a bit absurd to me...I mean, what are you out if we pay you??? So, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place for awhile. (and p.s. this is just my theory and I'm a girl, so what do I know? ha) Big Bear got towed again and this time the cost was low...thank goodness! By 1:00, he was up and running again. He had to cancel smoking some meats for my school tomorrow, but was (with the help of Bradley) able to get all his errands ran for tonight's crawfish boil and it went off without a hitch. Unless you count the downpour!! (p.s. note the haircut!!) Big Bear got another new toy besides the concessions trailer. We bought this a few months ago. Check out that HUGE pot and stand...the new crawfish boiler. He could give you all the man talk it heats water to boiling in something like .02 seconds! ha!We did fry chicken strips and fries out of the new trailer tonight for those not wanting to eat crawfish. It is SO nice! I love it!!! New pics to come when it is changed to Benson's Concessions! :-)Today events: truck broke down, tow, hours at garage, rushing to run errands, rain storm hits where the catering is, generator stops working (but just as we were finishing up!!), rain leaves and a major downpour hits as soon as we go to clean up, Kevin falls with the BIG pot full of hot water (it was muddy) and gets cajun spiced HOT water all over him (he's ok)'s the good news: through it all, we problem solved, fixed it, no one got hurt and we all stayed in a good mood! Woohoo!


Cracker said...

Looks good. And that reminds me... there's a new place at Dam Site Marina called Joe's Got Crabs which has crawfish and all the fixins plus some other stuff. It's right by the main marina store. I smelled it the whole time last weekend so I'm going to try a plate this weekend. Just a quick boat ride across the lake from your campsites when Kevin doesn't feel like cooking. ;)

Queen E said...

One question Lori.. Do you put the corn down the crawfish??? I can not say I have ever ate crawfish, I guess it is not a big item to eeat here in West Virginia.