Thursday, July 22, 2010

At the Benson house....

  • Kevin had his post-op doctor appointment this morning and the doctor says he is healing nicely and everything is looking good! Yay! He goes back again in two weeks for a follow-up.
  • I had a lunch date with a good friend yesterday and spent the day with lots of good girl talk and good food! :-) Love days like those!!
  • We are having a yard sale Saturday. Every time I have one, I promise it is the last and then look what happens! ha! We hope to make enough money to pay for the care of all our furkids while we are in Florida. We may be going on a 'free' family vacation, but it costs serious cash just for us to get out of town!! And we want a farm someday? What are we thinking??? LOL!
  • On Sunday, Kevin and I are feeding the homeless with some people from our church. This is something I have wanted to get plugged into for a long time. As caterers, we have so much left over food, and I want to put it to use and help others rather than throwing it away!! Sunday, the homeless around here will get some of the best BBQ they have ever had! :)
  • Have a GREAT weekend! If you are local, swing by the yard sale on Saturday. I think Big Bear is going to sell hot dogs and ice water! :-)

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