Monday, July 26, 2010


Remember when I made that confession ~here~ Well, two months later, I have finally finished with the mess! It has been a mess since we got married. It just became the catch-all storage space. So, little by little, I have made progress...check it out. Closet Before:
Closet after: (almost everything went in the garage sale or to the attic...well, it is sitting waiting to be put up in the attic! ha!)
Before...oh my! I forgot how bad it was...just a path through there and forget about scrapbooking! path to walk through and I can SEE my scrapbook desk! Woot!
Before view as you walk into the room...yikes! This is why we kept the door cracked and the only ones that would enter were the cats!
And now....ahhh! The best news is that WHEN (not if) we get pregnant, all we will have to do is find a place for my scrapbook stuff and then Big Bear can get to painting! :-)
Someone can actually sleep in there now! ha! I even managed to scrapbook a page a matter of fact, think I will go scrap another now! So glad this task is in the past!


Lindsey said...

Yaaaay!! It looks great and what a fantastic feeling of CLEAN!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody's been busy!!!