Thursday, July 15, 2010

Insurance Rant

I haven't ranted about anything for awhile so I have to just get this one off my mind...what is the point of insurance? Not even just health insurance...all of it! Seriously, if you have a wreck and make a claim on car insurance, then your rate goes up. When I was in college and had renters insurance, my apartment was broken into and I moved because I didn't feel safe there anymore. Guess what? My insurance wouldn't cover me at the new apartment, because I had a previous claim and was now considered a bigger risk!?! So, I was punished for USING the insurance I paid to have and for moving to a safer place! Then, there is good 'ole health insurance. I will say that I am fortunate in that I pay hardly anything for my health insurance. But, I also seldom even use it. I am one of those that pretty much has to be dying to go to the doctor. I can't even tell you the last time I went to my regular family doctor. But then, when I DO need coverage - like now with the infertility....not covered! Makes zero sense to me. But what really gets me rilled up is that Kevin cannot get health insurance. Oh sure, I could add him to mine.....for an extra $600 A MONTH out of our pockets!!! Who has that kind of money? Not us! We are lucky to have money left over for groceries after payday! So, we tried getting him independent health insurance b/c he is self-employed. Can't get coverage. Apparently no one in the insurance world has ever needed a second chance from the mistakes of life. He is rejected because he has been to a rehab. hmmm....don't get me started. So - last week after living with a knot on his shoulder that has caused him so much pain and trouble for a year, I finally said, we are going to a walk-in clinic. They ended up referring him to a specialist. Turns out it is a cyst and is deep in his shoulder and needs to come out. Good news is he will finally be out of pain!! But the doctor really wanted to do a 'knock you out and remove it' that would have cost us $6,000. But, we are self-pay and don't have $6,000, so the doctor is going to remove it in office (like he would have automatically if it were smaller). However, this will take longer because if Kevin starts feeling the cutting or pain, they will have to stop and deaden around it some more. Sounds fun for Kevin huh? It will be over in about 30 minutes this way instead of 5 to 10 minutes and will cost $500. I am grateful that we have the money to take of this right now (not really...but we will! ha). But all this insurance stuff really irritates me to no end!! Some people get coverage, some don't, some is outrageous, rates go up all the time, and we are required to have it, but yet, not everybody does. Urgh! Enough of that!
Pray for Kevin tomorrow about 3 o'clock...I'll be taking him after MY LAST DAY OF SUMMER SCHOOL!! :)

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Becca B. said...

Praying for Kevin's procedure to be fast, and as painless as possible, and that it will fix the pain he has been expereincing for so long!