Sunday, July 11, 2010

LaKe FuN

I spent the day at the lake with my family yesterday and it was one of the best family days I can remember in a long time. Only bad part was that Big Bear missed it because he was cooking for a catering. :( We spent the day outrunning the rain and winning the race...we never got rained on! Yay! The nieces were happy as long as they were on the tube and it was moving as fast as possible!
My mom, me and Valerie....lots of laughs over the inner tube, the bodies flying through the air getting tossed off the inner tube, the men plotting over best way to drive to throw anyone on the tube off, and of course, watching the man in the houseboat get frustrated, cut his anchor line and us trying to find it so dad could score yet another one! LOL!The tube was loaded up all day...I think my dad, Valerie and Bubby might all be sore today from a few of those tosses!
Grandpa, aka captain of the ship, was super proud of himself when hitting that one big wave of the day and soaking everyone IN the boat and ALL our stuff! I was loving my waterproof bag at that point! :)
My bubby had the girls screaming and 'acting like they didn't want to ride with him' but then loving it because he made it fun by finding ways to toss them off! Ha!
All in all, an awesome family day!

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