Monday, July 5, 2010

No Place Like Home by Mary Higgins Clark

*9th book so far this year.

I first will admit that I started out reading a book by David Baldacci and it was just too deep for my state of mind. I needed something lighter & haven't read Mary Higgins Clark in awhile. And, I was super pleased with this pick! I quit reading her books a few years ago because I thought they had gotten predictable but I honestly didn't see the ending of this one coming until near the end when I was supposed to. That is what I like when I can't stop reading because I want to know more....this book is worth the time.

Here's a quick online summary from :

Celia Nolan's past comes back to haunt her in a most terrifying fashion when her doting new husband, Alex, surprises her by buying a house for her on the occassion of her birthday. What she cannot reveal to Alex is that this was the very home she lived in as a child named Liza Barton, and that she accidentally shot her mother, Audrey, to death while trying to protect her from her abusive ex-stepfather, Ted. As Liza Barton, Celia earned mean-spirited comparisons to Lizzie Borden, and the house has since been known as 'Little Lizzie's House'.

Compounding Celia's troubles, a vandal intent on dredging up the past strikes, defacing the lawn, the door and masonry of the house.
Then, the real estate agent who sold the house to Alex is murdered, and Celia becomes the prime suspect, hounded by an obsessed, over-zealous detective.

Never fully vindicated and cleared in her mother's death and the (justified) shooting of her stepfather, Celia decides to find out why Ted was in the house the night of the tragedy before she can come clean to Alex.

When two more members of the community linked to the vandalism and to Celia's past turn up dead, it becomes clear that the danger is much closer to home than she ever realized."

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