Thursday, July 29, 2010

Off the top of my head...

Big Bear wanted me to make a list of all the reasons I think we should get a bigger camper...a pro's list. Well, there are probably too many reasons to even list, but here goes a no particular order. If I leave off an obvious one, feel free to add it! ha!

1. super slide opens up a camper for more room
2. more storage space
3. not as much work involved in set-up (current camper is a pop-up)
4. bathroom for my late night potty needs
5. no more using camping grounds public bathrooms period!
6. easier to get ready for camping trips because can walk into camper to load
7. have a vehicle that will pull it already
8. queen size bed
9. bed can stay made up!!
10. awning that only requires the push of a button
11. table to play games at
12. easier to travel year round with
13. can use it at Christmas to stay overnight at my parents (house gets super crowded)
14. easier to camp with dogs - room for their crate and moving around
15. bunk beds so others can camp with us in the camper
16. when have kids of our own, will have room for them
17. with baby, there will be room for all the 'baby stuff' (like strollers)
18. can also be used to save money on hotel rooms while on concession jobs
19. if get a loan on it, the interest is tax deductible
20. multiple tax deductions due to use with the business - bonus!
21. room for clothes to stay in the camper=less packing
22. worst case, when we have visitors, since we have no place for them to sleep, they could stay in the camper
23. room for your golf clubs
24. outside storage
25. camping possibilities are wide open - out of state camping like Grand Canyon
26. it just makes perfect sense!

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Tasha said...

You will be more willing to camp out of state and maybe want to visit the great lakes one year and then we can plan a bloggy meet up with Tasha and her family

nuff said, lol.