Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sarcasm is when I say things like "I love it when people who tried for all of two months to get pregnant tell me what I'm doing wrong." Or, "I love it when people who think about getting pregnant and presto! it happens, tell me what to do." Or, "Thanks for the advice on what to do for my pregnant friends. I wouldn't have thought of that" from someone who has absolutely ZERO clue what my emotions are because they managed to somehow accidentally get pregnant! I am still trying to figure out how that happens!! It's a catch 22 letting people know your fertility struggles. On the one hand, we have so many who are supportive and prayerful and that is what we need most. And on the other hand, you have those who think they have the solution for you. Well, I say, get back to me when you have to wonder if you will ever get to be a mom, or when you actually have to go to the doctor to help you get pregnant, because until then, you have no clue what I am feeling or going through.
There...I feel so much better! ahhhhh!!! Sometimes you just gotta let it out!

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